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Are you hearing squeaky treads every time you walk up and down your stairs? Are your risers falling apart before your eyes?  J&J Elite Carpentry is passionate about offering the most competitive prices for the highest quality craftsmanship.  We’ll not only create your stairs but we’ll install them too!


What we create every day, you get to enjoy for a lifetime

  • Interior Wood Railing
  • Interior Wood Staircase
  • Metal & Wood Baluster Replacement
  • Retro Tread
  • Prefinished Wood Railing & Staircase
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Custom Trim Work


  • I want to remodel my staircase but I don’t want to remove it is , is there an alternate route in doing so?

    Yes, with our retro tread option it allows you to remodel your staircase without replacing the whole staircase. A retro tread is a solid tread that replaces your existing step by cutting just the nose of the existing tread and placing right on top.

  • Do you finish stain or paint railings or stairs?

    Yes, we do! we pre-finish all materials at our shop before they enter your home. We can custom match any color to your liking. Our standard finishes we offer are – Semi gloss, Satin.

  • Do you guys offer different specialties of wood other than oak?

    Yes, we offer:
    – Brazilian Cherry
    – White Oak
    – Mahogany
    – Hard Maple
    – Poplar
    – Cherry

  • How long does a special order take?

    Usually 2 weeks upon order. We have strong relationships with our suppliers..

  • Do you offer flared or curved radius stairs?

    Yes, our experts can field measure any stair to your liking.

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